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Campervan Awnings

Which type is for you?

Generally speaking there are 3 options when it comes to campervan awnings, drive away, wind out and tailgate.

Drive away awning

As it sounds, this is an awning that attaches to your camper van and can be easily unattached and left standing on your campsite pitch while you "drive away" for a day out .

Wind out awning

This awning is fixed to you camper van and "winds out" from it, or more to the point the roof of the awning winds out. Side and front walls can be attached be either zips or ties depending on the awning model.  If your planning on site seeing or going shopping from your base camp you'll have to wind it back away, which is easily done.

Tail gate tent or awning

The tail gate tent or awning although not giving as much as space as the campervan awnings above still is a handy accessory to have, providing that extra room to put wellies and other items that can be stored out of your camper and in the tent.