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Drive Away Awnings

Welcome to our Range of Campervan & Motorhome Drive Away Awnings

 Drive away awnings are a great way to expand on your campervan or motorhome's space. They can more than double your space, making them great for letting you camp in comfort, or even sleep extra guests or children. Drive away awnings can be zipped up and left freestanding, allowing you to explore your destination in your camper or motorhome with your favourite pitch reserved for your return.

If you need to ensure your campervan, motorhome or car is awning ready, or want to make your drive away awning easier to fit and detach, we stock several drive away awning kits, which should ensure your awning can be securely attached to your campervan, motorhome or car.

We stock many popular drive-away awning manufacturers, including Vango drive away awnings, Outwell drive away awnings, Kampa drive away awnings, and Outdoor Revolution drive away awnings - as well as more. We also stock many drive away air awnings, which use inflatable air tubes to provide an easy-to-setup and lightweight awning tent.


Kampa Trip Fleece Awning Carpet


Kampa Fleece Carpet  Custom Carpet for Kampa Trip Cross Drive-Away Awning These Kampa fleece carpets add a level of luxury to your awning, with a luxurious fleece to soften each step. They also serve a practical purpose, insulating your awning to...


Kampa Action AIR Awning Inner Tent


Kampa Action AIR Awning Inner Tent Greater comfort for awning sleeping This inner tent accessory for the Kampa Action AIR awning provides an extra room within your awning, ideal for allowing guests or family to sleep with privacy. The tent clips onto...