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Dometic, Vitrifrigo, Inlander, Thetford, Webasto and more Compressor Fridges

Compressor refrigeration technology has many advantages. For starters, compressor fridges cool down extremely rapidly and are incredibly tilt tolerant - often withstanding tilts of up to 45°, making these 12v fridges ideal for sloping site pitches or even for sailing vessels when tacking! 

The compact alternative to absorption fridges

Most 12 volt compressor cooling units also use Danfoss compressor technology and are capable of working perfectly well in ambient temperatures of 40°C and are extremely compact in comparison to Absorption cooling units, making the overall size of a compressor fridge smaller than it's absorption equivalent when based on litreage.

Installment requirements and recommendations:

Very small amounts of low voltage power are used in 12v Compressor Fridges and they can even be operated in conjunction with a solar panel ۞! Compressor units don't generate the same amount of heat as an absorption fridge so can be internally vented in the Leisure Vehicle, although air flow is still important. No chimney vents are required through the vehicle side as there are no noxious gases being created!

For further enquiries or advice regarding caravan compressor fridges, feel free to give our friendly team a call on: 0151 334 0222.


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