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Dometic RF60 3 way Camping & Caravan Awning Fridge 12v/mains/lpg

  • Dometic RF60 free standing awning fridge
  • Dometic RF60 awning fridge
  • Dometic RF60 free standing fridge internal
  • Dimensions of the 3 way RF60 Portable Camping Fridge
  • Dometic RF60 awning fridge
£369.00 (inc VAT ) £307.50 (exc VAT )
(T&C's Apply)
The Dometic RF60 is sent on a next working day carrier!!

Dometic RF60 Portable Camping and Caravan Awning Fridge

Assured for complete convenience and versatility, the Dometic RF60 portable camping awning fridge is a dynamic portable camping and caravan awning fridge, enhanced for mobility and complete security.

Offering full flexibility through function and operation, the Dometic RF60 awning fridge has adjustable shelves and runs on 12v DC, 230v AC and LPG gas to suit your power availability and storage needs.

The Dometic RF-60 portable camping awning fridge has the capacity to keep your food essentials, drinks (and added luxuries!) cool, with 61 litres worth of space provided for use, and also features a locking door (with vent) to keep your goods secure while in transit.

Thanks to its noiseless operations you needn’t worry about the Dometic RF60 portable camping awning fridge disturbing your sleep or a well rewarded bit of quiet time, and with its thermostat temperature regulation you can be sure that this outstanding portable fridge will always achieve the desired temperature regardless of the influences of changing weather.

Dometic RF60 3 Way Fridge Features:

  • Piezo ignition
  • Thermostat regulation in 230-volt & gas mode
  • Two door shelves
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Flame indicator
  • Door locking with vent option

 Note: The RF-60 is not designed to be built in, this is a standalone (freestanding) fridge ideal for use in awnings etc.


Dimensions of the Dometic RF60 Mobile Camping Fridge









Other Details

External Dimensions:
H617 x W486 x D495 mm
RF60 Gross Capacity:
approx. 61 litres
Energy Supply:
230 volts AC (Consumption: 230 volts: 1.9 kWh/24 h)
Input Rating:
230v / 12v = 110 watts
13.6 g/h
Cooling Capacity of RF60:
Up to 30°C below ambient temperature
Full CFC-free polyurethane foam
Coated sheet steel (cabinet) High grade plastic (door)
RF60 System:
Absorption cooling
Black with aluminium front
Climate Class:
(DIN15502) N
Interior Light:
Right Hand Hinge

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Product Reviews

  1. Value for money 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th May 2017

    So far, so good. Tried the fridge on gas and power. Works fine, chills nicely. Extremely quiet. So quiet in fact we thought it wasn't working. Compared to similar products, good value for money.

  2. Dometic RF60 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2015

    Unfortunately the carrier managed to damage 2 units but Jacksons after sales service is absolutely superb and would highly recommend.

  3. Neat fridge 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jul 2015

    Lovely fridge...only thing wrong is it should have a light showing it is on ...also you can only tell the gas is alight by listening for the noise.

  4. Neat fridge with some limitations 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2015

    This is a neat 3-way fridge without the usual pesky and next-to-useless ice box, so the internal storage space is really very good. And for the price, this is a no-brainer. Build quality is pretty good too.

    There are some minor niggles of course but everything in this world is a compromise! I'm not listing these as faults, so much as hopefully helpful information for those considering a purchase..

    1. The temperature is thermostatically controlled when running from gas or mains electricity, but not when running from 12V. When on 12V, the fridge just keeps on chilling and, of course, eating your leisure battery if not on charge. This is a disappointment because you could find yourself with frozen food and a flat battery. To me, thermostatic control is possibly more important on 12V than on gas or mains. Why this wasn't (or couldn't be) provided is a mystery. Fortunately I'm an electronics engineer and will have a go at designing my own 12V thermostat next season. Meanwhile, those with 12V-to-mains inverters may wish to consider using that instead of direct 12V power. It could save your leisure battery.

    2. There is a warning that this fridge is not to be built-in but used stand-alone in an awning etc. Fair enough! But what's the whole truth? Firstly, the rear heat exchanger on the fridge gets very hot - really too hot to touch - especially for the first hour or so of operation. Well no problem, just ensure plenty of free ventilation at the back. But this is no different from the built-in fridges. So, if you're prepared to cut the usual ventilation grille holes in your van, then you could at least try a semi-built-in arrangement for 12V and mains operation. However, running from gas is the real issue. Obviously, in a van you'd need a proper external gas flue to avoid potential carbon monoxide poisoning. The fridge has a short vertical flue at the back, but no flue kit to vent to the outside world. Good DIYers may possibly opt to construct something, but nobody would sanction that on safety and liability grounds. So in summary, with care and ventilation this fridge could be used built-in when running 12V or mains, but not gas.

    3. The last point is quite minor but was something that struck me when I first used the fridge. There is no little light to tell you that it's working. And of course it's silent. This is a shame because little lights provide reassurance. At first switch-on, it can take a good half hour before any cooling effect is noticed, and so I was left for a while wondering if the thing was working at all. Dear Dometic, please fit a wee LED to the next version of this fridge. Thanks, John xx

  5. Great fridge but lacking a couple of features 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Aug 2014

    I was highly doubtful about buying a fridge, especially when it is £279.00. I was pursuaded by my wife as she was pursuaded by a colleague who has one. It does a great job of keeping things cool and has plenty of room when catering for a family of four. It has the option to power direct from mains electricity, a gas bottle and through DC. This was my first disappointment - the DC connection comes with bare wires so that you can connect to a car battery I assume? I had hoped to power the fridge through the DC lighter connection in my van but perhaps this wouldn't be substantial enough to cope. My second criticism is the lack of handles to help move the fridge around. It's not small and weighs a fair bit especially if it's moved whilst full. A built in spirit level would also help but that's three moans do that might not count... Very happy overall.