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Solar Pod Plus Swimming Pool Heater

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Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus

The bigger brother of the standard sized Solar Heating Pod, the Eco Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus is capable of achieving larger solar gains thanks to its increased size and dome surface area. As a result, the Solar Pod Plus is a superbly efficient, larger sized unit that can contract an increased volume of the suns natural energy to provide you with more power per pod to effectively heat your swimming pool.


Ideal for use with both most above ground and in ground swimming pools, the Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus features a transparent polycarbonate dome that reduces heat loss from the wind, and retains heat superbly, making them ultra efficient heating devices for your swimming pool. To further boost the capabilities of your pod, the Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus can be tilted in order to utilise the best angle for sunshine.

Easy to install and only requiring a Philips screwdriver and silicon lubricant to carry out installation, the Solar Heating Pod Plus is also low maintenance, needing no servicing apart from winterising. 



Swimming Pool Solar Heat Pods Plus are incredibly space efficient due to their compact design, and as a result are perfect for use in areas where room might be limited. Set them up on a roof close to the pool, or next to the actual swimming pool itself – their sleek, stylish design mean that they won’t intrude on the aesthetics of your swimming pool area.

We recommend that customers phone for advice on solar pods prior to purchase, as there’s quite a bit to consider regarding the quantity of solar pods required for your specific pool size as well as positioning of the solar pods (i.e. installation on roofs or in positions away from the filtration system can require more powerful pumps). Tel 0151 334 0222.

The Eco Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus Kit Includes:

  • Main base with stand
  • 1.25” to 1.5” hose reducer
  • Collared tube adaptor
  • Hose clamps
  • Thick connector gasket
  • 1m hose
  • Side hose connector x 2
  • 380mm hose
  • Clear dome
  • Solar protection cover
  • 780mm x 780mm x 450mm
  • 1 x Pod plus is suitable for 9,000 litres

For a rough guide as to how many solar pods you may require for your swimming pool, please use the chart below as an estimated reference:



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