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Puky Ceety Cat S6 2-in-1 Tricycle & Pushchair Kids Trike

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Puky Ceety Cat S6 2-in-1 Tricycle & Pushchair

The Puky Ceety C6 brings you a trike and pushchair all in one!

The Puky Ceety Cat S6 2 in 1 Kid's Tricycle & Pushchair features a comfort which offers a variety of functions and equipment and is fun for parents and children (up to the age of four)! When in city mode the vario comfort guide pole of the Puky Ceety Cat S6 2-in-1 Kid's Tricycle & Puschair is fixed in place and can be individually adjusted so that parents can take control safely and comfortably whilst the little ones can sit happily in the comfortable seat with its high back rest watching the world go by.

When the high comfort backrest of the Puky Ceety Cat S6 2-in-1 Kid's Trike & Pushchair is removed, the Ceety becomes a full fledged safety play tricycle in play mode where the child can playfully learn motor co-ordination of their arms and legs and master their first independent trips under their parents' supervision.

The Puky Ceety Cat C6 2-in-1 Kids Trike with versatile, comfortable features

A useful and fun everyday companion, the Puky Ceety Cat C6 2-in-1 Kids Tricycle& Pushchair features a detachable storage tray with a variable, full height integrated carrier bag allowing for small purchases to be stored without any problems. When at home the carrier bag can be taken off the Ceety C6 Kid's Tricycle easily so that little things can be carried inside quickly.

Children sit extremely comfortably and safely on the Puky Cat S6 Ceety Tricycle & Pushchair because the ergonomics are optimally adjusted for young passengers and parents will find pushing the Ceety tricycle a pleasure thanks to the ergonomic Vario comfort guide pole offering the same comfort as other high quality pushchairs, so that both parent and child can be comfortable and happy together!

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