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Cool Boxes

Welcome to our range of coolboxes from Dometic-Waeco! Coolboxes are ideal for daytrips or overnight camping and are designed to keep already chilled items fresh and cool!

Pop your food and drinks straight in from your fridge or shop's chiller cabinets and enjoy cool drinks and fresh food at it's best. Some Cool Boxes can also heat as well as cool (e.g. Tropicool units, W35 and G35) making them ideal units for food delivery drivers or professional caterers.

Which Type of Cool Box do I Need?

1. Thermoelectric

- Affordable cooling

  • You can use 12/24v from your car, van or leisure battery or from mains hook up at the campsite.
  • Thermoelectric coolers are ideal for short trips in the car to the shops or the beach etc.
  • Outdoor temperature range from 12°C up to 22°C
  • No fumes - you can keep the coolbox in your tent or locked up in your car
  • For use in the UK

2. TropiCool

- High performance thermoelectric coolers

  • Cooling up to 30°C below outdoor temperature (TC 07 up to 25°C)
  • Up to +65°C in heating mode
  • 12/24 volts DC, 230 Volts AC (TC 07: 12/230 volts)
  • Intelligent power save circuit
  • Dynamic interior Ventillation
  • Temperature control
  • TC special electronics
  • Better insulation
  • For use in the UK & Europe

3. Absorption

-The silent option

  • Ideal for those with limited space or extra storage space like an awning
  • Variety of capabilities available
  • 3 way system- gas, 12v DC or 230v AC
  • Silent operation
  • Can be used in Southern Europe

4. CF (CoolFreeze Compressors)

-For energy efficiency and extreme temperatures

  • Deep freeze capacity down to -18°C
  • Excellent cooling performance even at extreme outdoor temperatures
  • 12/24v DC and 100 - 240v AC
  • CF special electronics with digital temperature display
  • Energy saving and superbly quiet operation
  • Impeccable operation in inclined position
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Very low power consumption