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Cool Boxes

Welcome to our range of Camping and RV Cool Boxes

Ideal for daytrips and camping, designed to keep food fresh and cool!

Which Type of Cool Box do I Need?

1. Thermoelectric

  • You can use 12/24v from your car, van or leisure battery or from mains hook up at the campsite.
  • Thermoelectric coolers are ideal for short trips in the car to the shops or the beach etc.
  • Outdoor temperature range from 12°C up to 22°C
  • No fumes - you can keep the cool box in your tent or locked up in your car
  • You can supplement with ice packs, also pre chill food your food before loading up a thermoelectric coolbox.

2. Absorption

  • Ideal for those with limited space or extra storage space like an awning
  • Variety of capabilities available
  • An Absorption Coolbox has a 3 way system- LPG gas, 12v DC or 230v AC
  • Silent operation

3. Compressor Cool Box

  • Excellent cooling performance even at extreme outdoor temperatures
  • 12/24v DC and 100 - 240v AC
  • Energy saving and superbly quiet operation
  • Impeccable operation
  • Suitable for solar operation
  • Very low power consumption
  • A Compressor Cool Box is the top end of coolbox technology

4. Camping Cool Boxes (requires ice packs)

  • A camping cool box is designed to keep food cold on a camping holiday or on a trip, it’s insulated walls keep the cold in and the heat out.
  • To use one you will need to put ice packs inside along with the food.
  • The ice packs slowly melt and release the coldness to the food inside keeping it fresh for longer.
  • Campsite shop's usually let their customers re-freeze their ice packs for free.