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We have suspended all deliveries to Europe and Southern Ireland. Check our blog for further info.

Gas Fittings


CBE BTMG LPG Soporific Gas Detector


CBE BTMG LPG Soporific Gas Detector Keep you and your family safe This CBE gas detector sounds an alarm when soporific - sleep-inducing - gas is detected in your campervan, caravan, motorhome or boat. This brings peace of mind, letting you get a good...


Truma Gas Filter with Filter Pad


Truma Gas filter with Filter Pad The easy way to extend your gas system's lifespan The Truma Gasfilter effectively protects your gas system from contamination, potentially extending its lifespan dramatically. By filtering up to 99.9% of the aerosols in...

21mm Clip-On Gas Adaptor


21mm Clip-On LPG Gas Adaptor- None Regulating The 21mm Clip on Adaptor works in combination with the Butane Pigtail and a Regulator fitted elsewhere within the Campervan, Caravan and Motorohome. Specifications: Inlet 21mm Clip On Outlet 21.8 Butane...

Wall Surface Mounted Mark 1 Gas Meter Box


Mk1 Replacement Gas Meter Box Housing Cover Designed to hook over and existing back plate, the Mark 1 replacement gas meter box cover housing is designed to replace the original Mk1 wall surface mounted gas meter box used throughout the 1960's.Compliant...