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Camping Cool Boxes

Camping cool boxes ideal for camping, or a backup for the caravan or campervan fridge.

Also great for people like fishermen and other users who require a portable solution for keeping food cool and fresh.

Cool box and ice packs and your'e away!

Classic camping cool boxes simply keeping food cold and fresh with the aid of ice packs. Typically when out and about on holiday people can usually get there ice packs re-frozen again in their campsite shop for free.


Igloo Ice Cube 48 Portable Cool Box


The Igloo 48 Ice Cube Cool Box The Igloo Ice Cube 48 cool box is great for picnics, the beach and family days out. This insulated 45 litre cooler that keeps your drinks and snacks cold in the heat and it all fits in a slim, ergonomic shape that's easy...