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Curtains & Blinds

Keep your camper comfy in all conditions

Our range of campervan curtains are custom designed to fit your campervan's needs perfectly. All of curtains come with aluminium pre-curved rails which match your van's interior contours, ensuring a great fit.

Campervan and motorhome curtains add privacy to your vehicle when required, and use fasteners to tuck away discreetly. They also insulate your vehicle, keeping it comfortable whatever the weather.

Standard curtains

Our standard curtains use a high-quality stretchy fabric, with lightweight rails and pre-fitted sliders and fasteners.

Blackout curtains

Our blackout curtains use a denser weave, preventing light from entering your vehicle. Brass fasteners allow you to ensure light doesn't leak around the edges, too.

Thermal blinds

Thermal blinds use suction cups to fit to your windows, giving you an easy way to keep your campervan warm in the winter. They remain useful all year round however - the aluminium PVC foil ensures it reflects heat out of your van, keeping your van cool in hotter climates.