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Welcome to our range of Portable toilets and Built-in Caravan and Motorhome cassette toilets

Some camping toilets are not only suitable for Leisure Vehicles, but are increasingly used in the home where people may find that they suddenly or temporarily need a downstairs temporary toilet or maybe just an extra loo, especially of use for elderly care or post-operation support. We also supply portable toilet frames that raise the portable toilets even higher from the ground, adjustable to up to 23" high, ideal where rising is impaired. Vat relief may be also available on the frames only.

These portable toilets all work on the same principle; a bottom waste tank and the top tank with the seat and lid that's just like a domestic toilet.

Our Youtube video below answers frequently asked questions about portable toilets:

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are simply two containers which fasten together; the bottom tank holds the waste and the top tank features a toilet bowl, fresh water reservoir with a flushing mechanism and is completed with a conventional toilet seat and lid. 

Cassette Toilets

Built in caravan or motorhome toilets have a removable cassette tank which fits under the toilet itself with the main part of these toilets secured to either the wall or floor of the caravan or motorhome. Cassette Toilets can be adapted to other applications, but they do need to be fixed to a wall that has level access from the other side to enable that the waste tank can be slid out for emptying (this is usually through an access door type 3, also available from us).

The built in water tank versions also need a water filler cap door which is like the petrol or diesel filler cap on your car and enables the built in flushing reservoir to be easily topped up.

For advice on chemical toilets, feel free to call our helpful and friendly team Mon-Fri on: 0151 334 0222


Thetford Aqua Magic Bravura Fixed Toilet


Thetford Aqua Magic Bravura Fixed Toilet. The Thetford Bravura is a high quality fixed toilet for caravan, campervan or motorhome. Bravura Features : Convenient, large single pedal flush A universal floor flange allowing it to mount on any...