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Toilet Aids

When physical or even mental impairments disturb everyday toilet procedures for you or a loved one it can be hard to know what alternatives are available to make the process comfortable again. There’s a great many toilet aid available on the market which attempt to deliver a solution but don’t provide the sort of comfort or dignity that we think is an essential part of any toilet process, however with any one of our Toilet Aid Porta Pottis and Folding Mobility Frames we're confident that you can enjoy both.

Affordable, luxurious and dignified alternatives to commodes

We’re proud to sell what we think are a luxurious alternative to commodes at great value for money, with all of our Thetford Toilet Aid Porta Pottis and Folding Mobility Frames providing a comfortable dignity to elderly, disabled or convalescent individuals. These Thetford Toilet Aid Porta Pottis even provide a greater level of comfort for carers making maintenance a less frequent and unpleasant chore than with a standard commode.

There are four different Thetford Toilet Aid Porta Potti’s with Folding Mobility Frames available, each featuring different heights, flush types (manual or electric) and additional features such as integrated toilet roll holders and level indicators to suit a variety of needs.

For more information

Watch our video below for a straight forward guide to our Dignity Toilet Aid Porta Pottis and Folding Mobility Aids, with all of our Toilet Aid products and accessories listed underneath. Alternately, our friendly team is here to offer advice and answer your questions on 0151 334 0222 Mon-Fri.