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Electric Heaters

Welcome to our selection of Electric Heaters for Swimming Pools!

Swimming Pool Electric Heaters use a heating element similar to those used in a domestic kettle. The heater is plumbed in series with the pump/filter such that the water travels through filtration system, then through the heater and back to the pool.

Things to aware of before you buy

If your pool has a salt system (salt chlorinator) you must go for a heater with titanium elements; salt corrodes! Also your pump should be powerful enough to maintain a good flow of water.  Most sand filters will be ok but ring us if in doubt; heaters have flow switches which will turn the heater off if the flow is too slow.  Cartridge filter pumps like Intex and Bestway can struggle re flow rate when it comes to particularly larger heaters.  We strongly suggest you ring if you have this type of setup. 0151 334 0222.

Do I need anything else?

Yes, a solar cover or solar blanket, this floats on the pool and adds to the heat on warm days, they're cheap and most importantly they help retain the pool heat.