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In Ground Pools

Welcome to our selection of In Ground Swimming Pools where you'll find an exceptional selection of one piece, DIY and prefabricated swimming pools!

From such reliable industry names as Kafko, Riveria and Skymirror, these In Ground DIY One Piece Swimming Pools are ideal for people who want to install a swimming pool in their homes but at a fraction of the cost and without the sort of arduous time scale, noise or mess that installation of a concrete swimming pool can often bring with it.

Click on any of the links below and you'll find a terrific choice of In Ground One Piece DIY Swimming Pools to pick from - there's everything from classically elegant models for leisure lovers to linear sporty designs for swimming enthusiasts and even family friendly constructions, developed with the safety and comfort of children at their heart.

We recommend that all customers with an interest in any of our In Ground Swimming Pools give us a ring on 0151 334 0222 (Mon-Fri) so that we can give you a full overview of how an In Ground Swimming Pool could work for your needs and take you through the next steps of making your dream pool a reality.

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