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Fibre Optic Lights

Fibre Optic LED and Halogen Ceiling Star Light Kits (Sent on a Next Working Day Service)

Great For Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Home Cinema, Swimming Pools and Restaurants

A relaxing focal point suitable for a number of rooms around the house, our Fibre Optic LED Ceiling Light Star Kits bring a luxurious and enchanting enhancement to any home.

These star ceiling light kits use fibre optics of different diameters to produce an ethereal ‘near and far’ effect which is complementary to a range of decors and terrific for creating a variety of atmospheric and decorative moods around the house.


A Star Lit Sky Indoors

With no electricity or heat being emitted by the fibre optic tails (which can also be easily cut to size) they are safe to use even in showers, saunas and bathrooms. Requiring little maintenance, the kits feature bulbs which can last up to 3000 hours.  For a twinkling star lit sky effect you should buy the "Twinkle Wheel" option with its blue and white twinkle wheel. By using a combination of bare tail ends mixed with lenses (included) a variation in star and planet sizes is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Fibre Optic Star Light Kits work?

A kit comprises of a light source (a box featuring a hole which the lamp light shines through) and tails (which the light travels down into).The tails are provided in a bundle and of different lengths, held together by a metal ring at one end with the ring end fitting into the hole of the light source, enabling the light to travel through the tails which are free of electricity, UV and IR rays.

Difference between LED (Colour Changing) and Halogen (Twinkle) kits;

The Halogen "twinkle" kit is the only kit that provides a twinkling star affect.  The LED colour changing kits do not twinkle.  Also the LED kits go through a colour change sequence that is uniform across each individual light.  That is to say all lights change colour at the same time.  With the twinkle kit each light twinkles independently of the others.  Twinkle kits come come as standard with blue and white wheels.  Other wheel options are available please call for these choices 0151 334 0222

How easy are they to install?

These fibre optic lighting kits come complete with everything you’ll need for installation, including easy to follow instructions. The most vital point regarding installation is the location of the light source. For a standard ceiling installation it’s important to bear in mind that you need to leave access space above the fitting for the light source. This way, should the bulb ever fail and need replacing then you can easily access it.

Room size and tail lengths

Lets say you have a bedroom you want to install a kit in, in most cases this means you will be putting the light source (light box) in the loft.  The perfect position for the box would be above the centre of the room.  This means if the longest tails in the kit were 4 metres then the furthest distance between 2 lights could be 8 metres, one light heading to the right of the room and one heading off exactly the opposite direction to the left.

How many stars and room size?

Work out how many square metres your room is, for example a bedroom might be 3 metres long by 3 metres wide 3x3=9, so 9 square metres.  Check the “star effect density” image which is near the bottom of each of the star kit pages.  If you had a small star kit with 112 light points then spreading this over 9 sq metres would mean dividing 112 by 9,  so 112÷9=12 (or just over 12 lights per sq metre)  It depends on you how many lights you want.

What if I'm not able put the light source above the ceiling?

The issue is where to put the light box, sometimes it might be a false ceiling which allows easy access. If installing in a location that can be troublesome for access then please give us a ring on 0151 334 0222 and we can advise you on options.

Do I need to hire an electrician?

You should be fine to install the fibre optics yourself to save on costs since the tails don’t have electricity passing through them, however we recommend that you do hire an electrician for wiring – ideally you’ll want to be able to turn your fibre optic lighting on using a switch on the wall like any other domestic light, and as such an electrician would be necessary.

Check if the electrician has installed one before

Not all electricians are familiar with installing fibre optic lighting kits, so we also recommend checking that any electrician you hire has the necessary experience required to do the job, although its straightforward we're more than happy for you or your electrician to ring us for advice 0151 334 0222



Our star kits are made in the UK