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Rooftop Tents

As the name suggests, a rooftop tent attaches to the roof of a vehicle and can be quickly set up for camping. Typically consist of a folding tent platform that is mounted on a vehicle's roof rack along with a tent fabric that can be unfolded and set up on top of the platform. Rooftop tents are very versatile and can be used on a variety of vehicles such as cars, vans and larger SUVs. They are perfect for those who want to explore off-road and remote locations without worrying about finding a flat and clear spot to pitch a traditional tent.

Rooftop tents are designed to be lightweight and easy to set up, often can be opened and collapsed in just a few minutes, making them a popular choice for campers who want to quickly set up camp in a remote locations. Available in sizes suitable for between 2 and 5 occupants.

One of the main benefits of a rooftop tent is that it allows campers to sleep off the ground for added warmth, which can provide added protection from bugs and other small animals. Additionally, it also provides a better view of the surroundings, providing a unique camping experience.


Thule Tepui Boot Bag for Rooftop Tents


Thule Tepui Boot Bag for Rooftop Tents Keep your tent clean with exterior boot and shoe storage pouches Thule's boot bags attach elegantly to the top of your step ladder with velcro straps, giving you space to store two pairs of shoes or one pair of...