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Accessibility Lifts

An easy to use access aide for people with physical disabilities or limited mobility to safely, comfortably and easily enter a swimming pool, our range of Disabled Swimming Pool Lift Hoists come in a variety of different models to meet the requirements of a variety of different spa and swimming pool needs.

Developed to be easy to transport, use and pack away, we have Disabled Swimming Pool Lift Hoists which are suitable for use in a range of commercial, residential, hospitality, and recreational settings.

You’ll also find accessories and spare parts for your Disabled Swimming Pool Lift Hoist in order to fix up an existing pool hoist or to simply boost it’s comfort, convenience and usability.

For more information about Disabled Swimming Pool Lift Hoists feel free to give our friendly, helpful team a call Mon-Fri on 0151 334 0222.

S R Smith

Splash Disabled Hoist Swimming Pool Lift

Splash Disabled Swimming Pool Lift Hoist The Splash Disabled Swimming Pool Hoist is a semi-portable lifting system designed to provide easy and comfortable swimming pool access for individuals with physical disabilities. Minimal maintenance, easy to...