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Solar Covers Blankets

The cheapest way to heat your swimming pool

Before you invest in a swimming pool heater your first purchase and cheapest way to heat your swimming pool is to buy a solar cover.  As well as heating the pool water a solar cover also acts like a blanket and retains the heat of swimming pool water if you've had a heater running.

A solar cover takes the "bite" off a cold pool

A swimming pool solar blanket on it's own is not going to provide you with a "warm" pool, not immediately anyway, but it does take the chill off the pool, this is a heat level that nearly all kids can live and a level some adults find acceptable.  During extended hot spells however a solar cover can and usually does result in a warm pool. 

Swimming pool solar covers result in savings on bills!

90% of the heat loss from a swimming pool occurs because of evaporation and with a solar cover on your pool – which acts as a sort of blanket on the surface of the water keeping the warmth in – heat loss due to evaporation can be greatly reduced by up to 85%.

Thickness is measured in microns

Classifications of swimming pool solar covers are judged by the thickness of the plastic they’re made from, which is measured in Microns. The higher the Micron count the more durable the solar cover will be meaning that a 500Micron solar cover will last longer than a typical 200 micron swimming pool solar cover.

Please note: Solar Covers are placed on pools with the bubbles on the underside of the cover, pressing into the pool water! Also, if you have an in ground swimming pool then you may also need a roller in order to take the cover off the pool.

For any further questions or information regarding Swimming Pool Solar Covers then please feel free to give our helpful, expert team a call on: 0151 334 0222 Mon-Fri or catch us on live chat.


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