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Energy efficient 3 Way Absorption refrigeration for caravans & motorhomes - 12v, 240v & LPG!

Absorption technology, usually described as a '3 way fridge' or 3 way technology, is extremely efficient and benefits from being silent. The refrigerant is heated by either an LPG Gas, 12volt or Mains AC burner or element. The major advantage over Compressor Refrigerators is the ability to use LPG gas when camping off grid or Greenfield' campsites where no mains hook-up is available.

High quality brand names for complete quality assurance

Our full selection of Absorption Fridges comes from such dependable and high quality manufacturers as Vitrifrigo, Dometic and Thetford so you can be assured that whatever absorption fridge you decide is the one for you will be guaranteed for high performance and excellence.

Essential installment requirements:

Absorption refrigerators, must be installed as 'room sealed' from the interior of the Leisure Vehicle and ventilated by top and bottom ventilation grills, CO gas generated when used on LPG gas must also be vented through the Leisure Vehicle wall to the outside. 

For any further enquiries or advice regarding caravan absorption fridges, feel free to give our expert team a call on: 0151 334 0222.


Heatek CF1 Fridge Fan


Heatek CF1 Fridge Fan for Absorption Fridges Enjoy superior cooling for your caravan or motorhome fridge, even in scorching temperatures, with the Heatek CF1 Fridge Fan. This powerful triple fan system efficiently boosts your refrigerator's performance,...