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A cost effective and eco-friendly swimming pool heating solution, solar heating comes with many terrific benefits and also works best during the days when you’ll be wanting to get the most use out of your swimming pool – beautifully sunny Summer days!

From matting to Solar Pods, we have a range of solar heating options to choose from that will suit a variety of different sized pools and needs. Low maintenance and easy to install, Solar Heating harnesses the sun’s natural energy to help heat the water in your swimming pool to a comfortable and desirable temperature.

Customers with Intex and Bestway type pools (with cartidge filter pumps) are not advised to use pods or pool solar mat, the recommended solar heating for these pools is El-Nino matting.

For more information or advice regarding Solar Swimming Pool Heating please feel free to ring our friendly, expert team on 0151 334 0222 Mon-Fri. 


Solar Pod Plus Swimming Pool Heater


Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus The bigger brother of the standard sized Solar Heating Pod, the Eco Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Plus is capable of achieving larger solar gains thanks to its increased size and dome surface area. As a result, the...


Solar Pods Swimming Pool Heater


Swimming Pool Solar Heating Pod Compatible for use with either in ground or above ground pools, our Swimming Pool Solar Pods are a space, eco and energy efficient method for providing expandable heating to your swimming pool. Every watt of swimming...