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Compressor fridge freezers

Compressor fridge freezers, sometimes referred to as "2-way fridges" or 12V fridges, are the ideal solution for your campervan, caravan, motorhome, or boat. They can run efficiently on 12V and 24V DC systems, and have many features that make them ideal, such as rapid cooling, low power consumption, and the ability to operate on an inclination up to 45° and in temperatures up to 40°C.

We offer a variety of compressor fridges from suppliers like Dometic, Vitrifrigo, Inlander, Thetford Adventurer, and Webasto. Our fridges come in various sizes and capabilities, and are available as either fridges, freezers, or a combination of the two.

An alternative to 3 way absorption fridges?

There are many benefits to choosing a compressor fridge over a 3-way absorption fridge. Compressor fridges are compact, can run on uneven surfaces and in high temperatures, and have low power consumption. This means they can operate from a 12V or 24V system for days on end, and can even remain off-grid indefinitely with a solar system.

Unlike 3-way absorption fridges, compressor fridges do not always come with mains capability as standard. However, they can be easily converted to operate on 110-240V DC and shore power using a transformer.

Another key difference between compressor and absorption fridges is that compressor fridges do not run on LPG gas, generate high temperatures, or produce noxious gases. This means they do not require external ventilation, although airflow is still important.

Overall, compressor fridges offer a number of advantages over 3-way absorption fridges. They are more compact, efficient, and versatile. They also do not require external ventilation, which makes them a good choice for caravans and other small spaces.

An Energy Efficient Alternative?

Compressor fridges are the ideal solution for anyone looking to run off-grid using a 12V or 24V system. They come in various sizes and capabilities, and their ultra-low power consumption is great for preserving leisure batteries. This is what makes them a great campervan fridge or caravan fridge.