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Fridges & Coolboxes

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Welcome to our Fridges and Coolboxes section, here you will find a variety of products suitable for camping, caravans, campervans, motorhomes and marine vehicles.

Compressor and Absorption Fridges

Here you will find a variety of fridges available from brands such as Dometic, Thetford, Vitrifrigo, Webasto, Adventurer. Available in a variety of sizes we can help find the fridge you need whether it’s a brand-new build or looking to replace.

Compressor Fridges

Compressor fridges are highly efficient and operate on 12v/ 24v systems as standard and can also operate on 240v mains using optional extras such as the Dometic MPS35 mains adapter. Compressor fridges are capable of freezing goods much more efficiently than absorption fridges and can operate in much higher ambient temperatures than an absorption fridge. Compressor fridges do not require external ventilation unlike absorption fridge and are capable of operating at angles up to 30 °.

Absorption Fridges

Absorption Fridge (3 Way Refrigerators) can operate on 12v, 240v and LPG Gas and best suited to campervan, caravans & motorhomes. During your travels Absorption fridge will only operate on 12v, however once on site you have the option select 240v when connected to mains or LPG Gas. Absorption fridges must be externally ventilated, on a flat level surface and can only operate in ambient temperatures up to 32° degrees.


Portable Coolboxes

Portable cool boxes are a convenient way of keeping goods cool whether out on holiday or just a weekend away, we have can help find the right cool box for you with brands such as Dometic, Vitrifrigo, Adventurer, Outwell and Igloo. Portable cool boxes are available as Iceboxes, Thermoelectric, Compressor and Absorption.

Portable Ice Box

An insulated cool box which you simply fill with ice and ideal for keeping food and drink cold, perfect for days out, beach trips and festivals.

Thermoelectric Cool box

Ideal for short trips, Thermoelectric cool boxes operate on 12v and 240v mains. Ideal for keeping goods chilled whilst on the move and where 240v is available. Thermoelectric cool boxes work best in ambient temperatures up to 25°C.

Compressor Cool box

Compressor cool boxes are highly efficient a 12v, 24v, 240v portable fridge freezer, with all the benefits of a built-in compressor fridge but with the convenience of being portable, you can take this wherever you go and capable of working in temperatures up to 42°C.

Absorption Cool box

Absorption cool boxes provide the same cooling capability as a built-in fridge, able to run of 12v, 240v and LPG gas ideal for UK holidays and festivals.