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Thule Awnings

Thule Caravan and Motorhome Awnings

Thule Awnings are ideal for both long & short stay trips, providing shelter from a range of weather such as rain and sun. Easy to set-up and transport as Thule awnings are already mounted to your recreational vehicle leaving you free to bring along as much other equipment as you need.

Thule’s design quality is showcased throughout with the PVC laminated fabric being UV-resistant as well as lightweight aluminium being used in construction. With all the work being done for you all that’s left for you to do is choose the awning that suites you and your lifestyle best.

If you require any help or information please feel free to contact one of our technical guys on 0151 334 6252 or sales team on 0151 334 0222.

Wall-mounted Awnings

Motorhome awnings are most often installed on the motorhomes wall. Thule offers a large range of adapters that are developed in conjunction with and approved by motorhome manufacturers, ensuring a secure fit for your Thule awning.

Roof-mounted Awnings

When space is limited or there are width restrictions, a roof-mounted awning is a great option. These awnings are installed on top of your motorhome and come with an adapter for your specific model.

Easy To Use

Thule awnings are available in both manual and motorised options. Manual awnings can be easily opened and closed using a telescopic hand crank, while motorised awnings can be controlled with a remote or switch. The Thule Quick Release system allows you to release the support legs on demand to prevent them from falling during setup, and the Thule Quick Lock system makes it easy to adjust the legs to the correct height.

Exceptional Stability

Thule awnings feature sturdy tension arms and an innovative roller tube support that create a perfectly tensioned fabric and increase resistance to wind. Depending on the awning type, lengths of 4.00m or more come with an integrated tensioning system or an extra tension rafter to keep the fabric even tighter. All Thule awnings are tested in various weather conditions for optimal stability.

Good Looking Design

Thule awnings have a timeless design that complements your motorhome. You can choose from different cassette finishes, including anodized, white, anthracite, or cream.

Great Range of Accessories

To fit your lifestyle, you can add various accessories to your Thule motorhome awning. Thule panels provide privacy and protection from the sun, rain, or wind, while Thule tents can be added to create additional outdoor living space for your motorhome.

Top Choice

Thule has consistently been voted the best awning brand, and motorhome manufacturers have approved the company's large range of installation brackets and adapters.

Superior Materials

Thule awnings are made of sturdy aluminium profiles that ensure long-lasting safety and reliability. These awnings are also tested under extreme conditions to ensure they meet high standards.

Top-Quality, Long-Lasting Fabrics

Thule awnings are available in a variety of fabric finishes, all made from top-quality 5-layer PVC fabric that is printed on both sides and coated to keep the colour fixed, watertight, washable, and durable. The coating also increases UV and heat resistance, providing cool and safe shade.


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