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Heat Exchangers

Welcome to our selection of Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers. Here you’ll find a small variety of the very best Heat Exchangers available on the market, as well as mechanical and digital thermostat accessories.

A cheaper alternative for swimming pool heating, Heat Exchangers utilise your current heating system to boost the temperature in your swimming pool. A Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger gets plumbed directly into both your domestic boiler and your pool pipe work, using any spare heat that has already been produced by your household system to cheaply and effectively heat your swimming pool!

How exactly does a Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger work?

Basically, the hot water from your boiler runs through the heat exchanger before making its return back to the boiler. Swimming Pool water is piped via a 2nd set of pipes through the heat exchanger and into the swimming pool. Swimming Pool water of a lower temperature extracts the heat from the hot central boiler, so that pool water is gradually warmed at no extra cost.

For more information or advice regarding Swimming Pool Heat Exchangers, please feel free to give our tech team a call on 0151 334 0222 Mon-Fri.