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Air Conditioners

When choosing your Dometic air conditioner you need to take into account the length of your Caravan or Motorhome interior space, and where the unit will be situated on the vehicle.

Roof Mounted or Under Bench Air Conditioner

There are two methods for installing an air conditioner into your caravan or motorhome, one is a roof-mounted air conditioner and the other is the HB2500 or the new Freshwell 2000 under bench air conditioner which can be concealed in a bedbox or locker. It’s important to remember the under bench air conditioners need to breathe through the floor so take into consideration the required air venting needed for these conditioners.

Roof mounted air conditioning units are now also available with roof light/window option

For the roof-mounted air conditioners a further decision is whether to go for the new innovative Freshlight 1600 or Freshlight 2200. These air conditioners have a fixed glazed panel to let in natural light and are supplied with a black out blind for night time. Another great feature is the built in down lighting to give your motorhome a nice soft lighting effect in the evening.

Air Conditioner Power Supply

All Caravan Air Conditioners come as Mains Voltage 220-240 Volts AC units. To power off 12 or 24 Volts DC, a suitable AC Kit or similar is required to be fitted to the caravan or motorhome. Some leisure vehicles already have sufficient mains power already built in! 

Important Note: Most motorhomes can take the weight of a roof-mounted air conditioner, but please check with the manufactures of your individual Caravan or Motorhome to make sure the conditioner you pick is suitable.

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