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Gas Regulators

LPG Gas Bottle Regulators

Welcome to our range of LPG gas bottle regulators, these regulators cover butane propane and camping Gaz regulators.

What's the difference between using Butane or Propane LPG gas

The main issue regarding using butane or propane gas is cold weather (winter conditions). In simple terms butane gas can freeze whereas propane which can also freeze has a very much lower freezing point.

All year round camping? then it's propane gas

Butane gas freezes at -0.5°C (31.1 degrees Fahrenheit), whereas propane freezes at -42°C (-44 degrees Fahrenheit), in short if you’re an all year round camping enthusiast and you’re using butane you have the potential for your LPG gas bottle to freeze during the winter months, propane will not have this problem unless you’re planning on travelling around Siberia or the North Pole for example.

  • LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Camping Gaz Adaptor


Camping Gaz Adaptor This Camping Gaz Adaptor works in combination with the butane pigtail in modern gas installations to allow for smaller camping gaz bottles (e.g. the 901, 904 or 907 cylinders) to be connected and is suitable for Campervan, Caravan...