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Pumps and Filters

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With over 20 years of experience in the swimming pool and leisure market, we’re confident that our range of swimming pool pumps and filters are truly the best of the best with prices that are terrific value for money. Since swimming pool pumps and filters are vital components in swimming pool installation we know how important it is to pick the right product to suit both your budget and your requirements!

An essential part of sanitising your pool

Both swimming pool pumps and swimming pool filters play an important role in maintaining safe, clean and healthy pool water. Whilst swimming pool filters are used primarily to filter debris from your pool water, a swimming pool pump is used to evenly circulate the chemicals which keep pool water treated against impurities and stagnation.

Salt Pools

Unless otherwise stated, filter/pumps listed are not suitable for salt pools.

For further information or advice regarding swimming pool filters and pumps, our expert team is available Mon-Fri between 9 and 5 to take your call on: 0151 334 0222.


Plastica Argonaut Swimming Pool Pump

Plastica Argonaut Swimming Pool Pump Can even be used with sea water The mechanical seal fitted on the Argonaut pool pump is suitable for a range of applications including chlorine, bromine, iodine and sea water (if flushed through with fresh water on...


Certikin OC-1 Domestic Swimming Pool Filter


Certikin OC-1 Swimming Pool Filter The Certikin OC-1 swimming pool filter system is a bobbin-wound unit that is suitable for both domestic new build or existing swimming pool installations. The domestic Certikin OC-1 swimming pool filter ships ready...


Certikin BP Commercial Swimming Pool Pump


Certikin BP Range Commercial Swimming Pool Pump The Certikin BP Range of Commercial Swimming Pool Pumps provide a high quality, corrosion resistant, heavy duty pump designed to circulate large quantities of low pressure water. Designed for efficient...


Certikin Giant Commercial Swimming Pool Pump


Certikin Giant Commercial Three Phase Swimming Pool Pump A high performance centrifugal swimming pool pump for commercial use the Certikin Giant is a three phase 2850 rpm pump constructed of high quality durable materials for a longer service life. The...