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Certikin OC-1 Filtration Swimming Pool Media (50 litre bag)

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Certikin OC-1 Swimming Pool Filter Media

Filter media has moved on in a big way

The introduction by Certikin of OC-1 filtration media has made waves in the pool industry.  It's been taken as read that it's sand or glass variations for you pool filter tank, but not anymore, Certikin OC-1 has arrived and has outstanding features that provide a worthwhile alternative.

OC-1 Filter media’s key benefits

Energy consumption reduced (flow rate is maintained avoiding heaters etc cutting out)

OC-1 keeps constant flow rates even when the media becomes very dirty, unlike regular sand or glass swimming pool media. Heaters and salt chlorinators are not going to turn off due to low a flow rate.

0C1 has a huge 20 times more capacity than sand or glass pool media

Reduces the need for regular backwashing and provides a more efficient backwash, OC1 in turn reduces water consumption, chemical usage & heating costs.


OC1 filter media can even be shipped already inside the filter, easy to handle quick to install.

Reduced Maintenance

OC-1 lasts longer than sand, reduces pressure on the system which in turn extends the life of your pool equipment.

Filters to all International standards.

Suitable for ALL installations - domestic or commercial, outdoor or indoor, new Installs & existing filters.

Recyclable at the end of its life.

Typical Payback 6-12 months.


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