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Suction Cleaners

The most affordable yet efficient Swimming Pool Cleaner option, Suction Pool Cleaners are terrific for use as an entry level pool cleaning device and provide powerful and convenient pool suction cleaning, moving as if they have a mind of their very own!

How do Suction Pool Cleaners work?

Automatic Suction Cleaners are controlled by the filtration process of your swimming pool (via connection with the skimmer box of your pool set up) and as a result start up when your filter and pump are in operation.

Remaining close to the surface of the pool lining, Automatic Suction Cleaners move in a random pattern, vacuuming dirt and debris from the walls and floors as they go. From here a flexible hose carries all the debris into the pool circulation system, with fine particles getting trapped by the pool filter and larger items getting collected by the skimmer basket (or pump strainer basket).

Should you need any more information or advice regarding which Automatic Suction Cleaner is best for your pool, then please ring our friendly, expert team on 0151 334 0222 Mon-Fri.