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Rocking Horses

Yee-haw, little buckaroos! The Red Rocks Rocking Horses Gang are waiting for young horse wranglers and their families to bring them into their home for rocking and rolling good times!

Tex, Rocky and Duke are fully accessorised & ready to ride!

Saddle up on downy brown Tex, the light brown and white Duke or the dark brown and white Rocky and embark on fun adventures in your home with one of our most loved toys! Each of our rocking horses from the Red Rocks Gang features a red bandana, stirrups, saddle and rein and also comes with fold down wheels so each horse can be pushed safely along.

Sent on a Next Working Day delivery via 'The Pony Express'

Press the ears on any of the rocking horses from the Red Rocks Gang and they’ll neigh or make clip-clopping noises! All of our rocking horses are sent via 'The Pony Express' and are available with a speedy next working day delivery.


Tex the Rocking Horse

£72.00 £39.95

Tex the Root'nest Toot'nest Rocking Horse Introducing Tex: The Root’nest Toot’nest Rocking Horse in town! Back on the range Tex was known for being a maverick and an outlaw and was a hero amongst all the other rocking horses! But now what...