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Medium Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Ceiling Kit

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Medium Fibre Optic LED Light and Halogen Star Effect Ceiling Kits

Ideal for use in small to medium rooms

The Medium Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Ceiling Kit comes complete with acrylic bullet lenses and silk screen washers. Tails can have lenses fitted or be left bare, lenses give a larger light and many people use this option when fitting the kit (drill size needed for lenses option is 3mm without lenses 1mm).


Twinkle wheel (Twinkling Star Lights)

This kit comprises halogen light box with twinkle wheel and tails.  Once turned on the wheel turns (inside the light box) in front of the light causing the twinkle affect which appears at the end of each tail.  Its “blue and white” twinkle wheel gives the best "twinkling star affect” for your ceiling. Each kit includes optional lenses, having a mix of lights with and without lenses randomly scattered across the ceiling adds to a "real" star affect.

Colour Changing (Manual Control)

This star ceiling kit has an LED light source (light box) and provides an RGBW sequence (red green blue white), it can be manually set on the light box to stay at a fixed colour or go through a set colour change sequence.  Remember you will need access to the box if you want to change the setting, if it’s in your loft you’ll have to get up to change it.

Colour Changing (with Remote Control)

This LED light star ceiling kit has a remote control which can turn the lights on/off, set a fixed colour or change to an RBG colour changing sequence, the brightness can also be adjusted with the remote. The LED light kits do not have a twinkling affect!

168 Light points

The Mediun Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Ceiling Kit features 168 Star Points with fibre lengths ranging from 2.0m to 3.0m and is available with a choice of three different light sources (Twinkle Wheel, Manual Colour Changer or Colour Changer with remote control). Please pick your selection using the option set at the top of the page prior to checkout.

MS168 Medium Star Kit Installation Manual





Our star kits are made in the UK


Frequently Asked Questions just click here

For any further enquiries or advice regarding any aspect of the Medium Light Star Ceiling Kit, please feel free to give our team a call Mon-Fri on: 0151 334 0222.

Medium Fibre Optic Star Kit Specifications:

  • 0.75mm diameter in groups of 28 tails of the following lengths: 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m
  • 1.00mm diameter in groups of 28 tails of the following lengths: 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m

Medium Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Ceiling Kit Features (Model: MS168)

Star Points
Fibre Lengths Range
LED Light Source
From 1.2m - 2m
Twinkle Wheel
From 1.2m - 2m
Colour Changing (Manual)
From 1.2m - 2m
Colour Changing (with Remote Control)

Fibre Optic LED Light Star Effect Density

The diagram below provides an idea of how the density of stars will appear in a one metre square area (each square is representative of a one metre square area, whilst the number in the bottom right of the square represents the number of stars in that space).


168 tails: Picture below shows harness with protective covers (Covers should be removed).


168 Star Bullet Lenses (below).
Size of drill bit required for bullet fitting: 3mm. For bare tails use a 1mm drill bit.


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