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Lightweight Ply


Morland Ply, quality and value all in one

Our range of Morland lightweight furniture ply represents great value for money and is ideal for surfaces in campervans, motorhomes, and caravans. Whether you're creating a brand new van conversion or simply looking to upgrade the look and feel of your existing mobile living space, we have a range of styles available.

50% lighter than traditional MFC ply

Morland campervan furniture ply is 15mm in depth, veneered on both sides using CPL (continuous pressure laminate) technology, and constructed from an industry leading 9 layers! Not only is our furniture ply strong and hard-wearing, but is also 50% lighter than traditional MFC (veneer effect chipboard). A study by the US Government EPA identified that every 100g of extra weight on a vehicle uses more than 2% extra fuel, and as an average conversion will use in excess of 200g MFC choosing lightweight furniture ply can even save you money!


Morland is made in the UK

One question we're often asked is whether Morland ply is the same as Voehringer; whilst it is similar it's constructed from 9 ply layers as opposed to the 7 ply layers of 15mm Voehringer, this gives it superior screw retention properties. Morland is also certified as sustainably sourced and manufactured in the UK.

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