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Adventurer Campervan & Motorhome Battery Trickle Charger

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Adventurer Campervan and Motorhome Trickle Charger

AMT12-2 Is a 2a trickle charger/ battery maintainer for maintaining your campervan and motorhome battery at full charge when a solar or mains charger is used to a charge a leisure battery/ auxiliary battery. The trickle charger chargers the vehicle battery if the leisure battery is at more than the leisure battery threshold and the vehicle battery is less than the vehicle battery threshold.

The current is limited to a maximum of 3a, it also charges if the leisure battery is 0.3V (1.0V lithium) higher than the vehicle battery and the vehicles battery is less than 12.1v. This is to pool charge & optimise the retention of charge across both batteries to maintain battery life. There is no charging if the vehicle battery is flat (i.e. less than 11.5v)

The unit is shipped configured for a smart alternator vehicle, regenerative braking and acid based batteries wet/AGM/gel (setting 4 in the table in the manual) but it is easily configured by the user with the different settings for older vehicles with standard alternators or lithium batteries. There are 2 power delivery modes standard or high power for each setting, high power is used when this is a larger draw from the vehicle battery form something like a tracker or some aftermarket radios. The unit is also configured to automatically detect battery voltage and so will work with 24v batteries.

Key Features:

  • Pulsed power to maintain starter battery levels to 12.6v
  • Uses surplus power from the leisure system when excess solar or mains charging is available to maintain the starter battery
  • Configurable to modern smart alternators and older alternators
  • configurable for AGM/Wet/Gel/Lithium batteries
  • Two power settings low power and high power for when trackers are installed
  • App available advance configuration and voltage monitoring on your phone when using the Bluetooth module
  • Suitable for 12v or 24v systems
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