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Cookers & Stoves

Camping & Marine Cookers & Stoves (gas and alcohol spirit)



Gas cookers (what gas?)

Run on butane gas, typically most people use camping Gaz, this is the most common butane gas bottle for camping and is found across Europe and nearly every camping shop will sell it.  If you’re not planning on leaving the UK then you can use Calor gas, but it’s not as readily available as camping gaz.  You’ll need the appropriate gas regulator to connect your cooker; a Gaz regulator won’t fit a Calor bottle for example.


Alcohol spirit (Meths) Stoves

Ideal fuel for these stoves is Methylated Spirits sometimes known as “Denatured Alcohol” This is readily available in DIY stores and places like Halfords, we will be supplying “Meths” in due course.


Should you have any further enquiries or advice regarding Camping Cookers & Stoves feel free to give our friendly team a ring Mon-Fri on: 0151 334 0222.