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Manual Satellite Systems

Manual satellite systems are the most cost effective method of obtaining a satellite signal in your motorhome or caravan, but, they need to be aligned with the satellite of choice, every time the dish is moved.

It is recommended that you first set the elevation at the approximate angle for your location, this angle can be found by looking at the Elevation Map on the back page of the guide provided with your system.

Most dishes have some form of marking on the pole mount enabling adjustment to a given angle.

The map provided with your system gives you a starting point for various parts of Europe.
Your dish will be of the Offset Focus type with the LNB arm towards the bottom (which means that the face of the dish does not point towards the satellite, but below it)

Azimuth (horizontal) Adjustment

To find the Astra 2 satellite point the dish east, then very slowly move the dish to the right southerly until you find a satellite. Astra 2 at 28.2º  East should be the first signal found. If you find the wrong satellite , make an adjustment by 3 to 4 degrees down and slowly move the dish to the left (east) until you find the next signal.

Fine Adjustment

Alternate between adjusting the elevation adjustment, then the azimuth adjustment slowly to optimise the signal.

Once fixed onto a satellite the dish must not be allowed to be moved by wind or vibration, slight movements will interfere with the picture.

Also remember that satellite reception is ‘Line-of-Sight’, and if anything gets in the way the picture will be disrupted, heavy rain and snow can also cause problems.

Skew Adjustment

Improved performance may be obtained by adjusting the skew of the L.N.B. at the end of the arm on the dish. This is the rotation of the L.N.B. within its holder. Slacken the screws holding the L.N.B. and rotate it clockwise (looking from the front of the dish) by about 8°

General advice for Manual Satellite systems.

1. Before setting your satellite dish up, ensure your chosen caravan or motorhome pitch has a “Clear line of sight” in the direction of the satellite. As well as obvious fixed obstructions be aware of moving objects like trees blowing in the wind and objects that may appear to only partially obstruct the dishes line of sight but which could compromise its performance. Metal railings and mesh fencing are a classic example, along with overhead power cables and cell phone transmitters etc.

2. Your satellite dish should be stored safely in your caravan, and handled with great care.

If the dish face becomes bent / distorted it will not focus properly, whilst the L.N.B. is sensitive to both impact and ingress of water.

3. The coax cable between your receiver and dish is of a special grade for digital satellite (CT100) and should be kept as straight as possible.

When storing, it should always be coiled neatly. Sharp bends or twists in the cable can affect the signal and potentially break the conductor.

The MAXVIEW precision range, have a unique, highly flexible cabling, that minimize this issue.