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Satellite Systems

Caravan, Motorhome and Marine Satellite TV reception in the UK and Europe.

Reception issues as you travel across Europe

Satellite reception for British programming in Europe, has always been a tricky operation for caravan and Motorhome users, and has recently become further restricted.

The footprint for Astra 2F (British programming) is deliberately restricted by Astra SES, on account of the licensing issues the BBC have in Europe, and the jurisdictions for SKY programming.  What this means, is that by the time you get to Bordeaux when travelling south on the continent, you are unable, (with most mobile Motorhome and caravan satellite systems), to receive the broadcast from this satellite.

Even with the largest mobile dish (90cm), Astra 2F is mostly unreachable south of Barcelona!  Other satellites carrying English speaking news, (SKY news, CNN, BBC world etc), are available through a Free To Air (FTA) Satellite Receiver, Astra 1, and Hotbird have much larger footprints in Europe.

So, what should I buy?

Firstly, decide whether you want a MANUAL/ FITTED MANUAL/ or FULLY AUTOMATIC system for your caravan or motorhome.

Manual Systems

Manual satellite systems, such as the MAXVIEW precision, need to be manually aligned (outside the caravan) with the satellite you require.  The dish is aligned using a satellite finder and a compass (integrated within the MAXVIEW precision)

Fitted Manual Systems

Fitted Manual systems, such as the MAXVIEW crank up systems, have a manual handle inside the Motorhome or caravan used to set the elevation of the dish along with a pole to twist to the correct azimuth (compass bearing), but a satellite finder is still required

Fully Automatic systems

These are self seeking, and at the touch of a button will automatically locate the selected satellite.

If you need to receive Astra 2F as far down the continent as possible, and your travel is primarily in Europe (Barcelona is the southerly limit) then the bigger the dish the better.

Further south requires an increasingly larger land based dish, up to 2 mtrs diameter.

Recomended satellite dishes the further south you go in Europe.

For the Manual system, this would mean a MAXVIEW Precision 65.

For the Fitted manual systems, an 85cm MAXVIEW crank up.

For the Automatic Systems, the MAXVIEW SEEKER 85 is required.

We recommend a MAXVIEW HD receiver or an AVTEX TV with built in DVB-S for use with any of these systems, these will give you access to all three major European  satellites, and provide HD programming in your Motorhome or caravan with little power consumption.

Satellite reception in the U.K

For satellite reception throughout the U.K only, a range of smaller dishes can be used, and again, the selection process starts with deciding on what type of system your Motorhome or caravan requires.

Recomended Caravan and Motorhome satellite dishes for the UK

For the Manual system, this would mean a MAXVIEW Precision 55
For the FITTED manual systems the 65cm MAXVIEW Crank up
For the Automatics, the MAXVIEW SEEKER 65 can be used, although, with AUTOMATICS, a DOME system can also be used.

Recommended receivers with these systems:

AVTEX DRS range of TV's that have satellite receivers built in, or the MAXVIEW MXL020 HD/SD receiver.

You're welcome to ring for advice

To discuss your specific requirements, please call us and speak with Nick on 0151 334 0222, who can suggest a tailored satellite package for your caravan or Motorhome.