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Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Electronic Swimming Pool Cleaner

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Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

The absolute best in automatic swimming pool cleaners, the Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner is a robust robot designed for frequent use in commercial pools. The Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner provides high quality cleaning of swimming pool floors, walls and water lines and with a 30m cable length can capably service most large domestic or medium sized commercial swimming pools.  The wonder brushes are also supplied with the Dolphin Wave 100  for thorough cleaning of tiled pools.


Benefits of using the Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner

As well as scrubbing, brushing, vacuuming and filtering the entire pool floor, walls and waterline the Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner also uses an environmentally friendly cleaning process which disperses chemicals evenly in your swimming pool reducing the use of chlorine and other chemicals. The unique gyroscopic system delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning across the entire pool efficiently removing algae and bacteria.

The 3 filtration options: fine, ultra fine and disposable cover all pool conditions and seasons. With an increase of 20% extra filtration capacity the Dolphin Wave 100 commercial automatic swimming pool cleaner leaves the pool water clean and free of insects, dust, hair and any other debris.

The Dolphin Wave 100 commercial swimming pool cleaner provides a plug and play fully automated user friendly cleaning solution. It is easy to use with remote control, optional program parameters and operational delay to suit every pool conditions and requirements. The Dolphin Wave 100 automatic swimming pool cleaner is supplied with a caddy for easy handling and storage.


Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner key features

  • Cleaverclean Software
  • Thorough Brushing
  • Dual-Drive Motors
  • Swivel on Cable Prevents Tangling
  • Floor, Wall and waterline cleaning
  • Remote Control automatic operation
  • Gyroscopic Scanning System
  • 3 filtration options
  • Full Filter indicator, Operation Delay

The Dolphin Wave 100 Commerical Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner is suitable for breach entry pools, comes with 36 months or 3000 hours warranty, includes a Wonderbrush for tiled pools and is recommended for pools of up to 25m (84ft) in length.



Technical Specifications:

Cycle Time:
4 / 6 / 8 Hours
Cable Length:
Swivel on cable:
Prevents cable tangling
3 filtration options for all types of dirt and debris
Remote control:
Set up parameters and cleaning programmes
Boxed Weight:
Suction Rate:
17m³ per hour
Moving speed:
15m per minute
Cleaning area:
225m² per hour
Motor voltage:
Power supply:
Output less than 30 VDC. IP54. Full filter bag indicator. operation delay
36 months or 3000 hours
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