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Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Hydro-Pro Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The Hydro-Pro Inverter Type Z heat pump features R32 refrigerant (single phase models only). The Inverter Type Z will quietly heat your swimming pool throughout the year the Hydro Pro Type Z works by absorbing heat from the surrounding air and transferring the heat to your pool or pond water.


  • R32 models, better for the environment, more efficient and safer
  • Inverter technology, suitable for pool heating all year round
  • Up to 13kW of heat to your pool for every 1kW of energy used
  • Quiet running, anti-vibration feet, corrosion resistant ABS case
  • User friendly controls with programmable temperature
  • 50mm (1½ inch) water connections, reverse defrost cycle
  • Two-year parts & labour warranty, requires professional electrical connection
  • Wi-Fi ready, smartphone control, (optional module required)

R32 Refrigerant

Single phase versions of the Hydro Pro heat pumps contain R32 refrigerant, this refrigerant passes through the evaporator where it absorbs heat from the surrounding air and becomes a gas, the gas passes through the compressor where it becomes a very hot gas and then the heat exchange occurs in the condenser where the heat from the gas is transferred to your pool water and the cooled refrigerant becomes a liquid again. Currently the refrigerant used in swimming pool heat pumps is R410A.

Inverter Technology

Inverter heat pumps use a variable speed compressor motor, the motor speeds up and slows down as needed to achieve and maintain the required temperature, the result is that the desired temperature will be reached more quickly and maintained more efficiently than a fixed speed motor.


Heating Capacity A28/W28(kW)

COP A28/W28


Power Consumption (kW)

Minimum Fuse (A)

Pool Size (m³)

Water Connections

Inverter Z7

7.0 – 2.2

13.0 – 5.6


1.25 – 0.17



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z11

11.0 – 2.9

13.0 – 6.2


1.77 – 0.22



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z14

14.0 – 3.2

13.0 – 6.2


2.26 – 0.25



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z16

16.0 – 3.8

13.0 – 6.0


2.43 – 0.42



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z19

19.0 – 4.7

13.0 – 6.0


3.17 – 0.36



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z24/24T

25.5 – 5.9

13.0 – 6.0


4.25 – 0.45



50mm / 1½ inch

Inverter Z29/29T

30.0 – 6.8

13.0 – 6.0


5.15 – 0.78



50mm / 1½ inch


Sizing your heat pump

When sizing a heat pump for a customer’s pool, the manufacturers maximum pool size is always our starting point, not the determining factor, whilst we carry the manufacturers specifications on our website, we do not recommend a particular heat pump based just on pool size.

The heat pump we recommend for your pool will always be based on factors including pool type, location, usage, insulation, whether the pool is covered when not in use, your expected swimming season and ultimately the temperature you would like to achieve.

Positioning your heat pump

Hydro-Pro Inverter Type Z heat pumps should always be installed outside, the diagram below shows the manufacturer recommended spacing around the horizontal and vertical heat pumps for the adequate circulation of air.

Restrictions on air flow around a heat pump such as dense vegetation or solid surfaces such as sheds, fences or walls will lead to a drop in efficiency and heating ability, it especially important that cooled air can be properly dispersed away from the unit.



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