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Compressor and Absorption Fridges

Here at Jacksons Leisure Supplies, we have a full range of compressor and absorption fridges suitable for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, and boats. We carry stock from brands such as Dometic, Vitrifrigo, Webasto, and Adventurer, and can help you find the right fridge for whether you are starting a new build campervan or looking to replace an existing one.

Compressor or Absorption?

Compressor fridges are the ideal solution for anyone looking to run off-grid using a 12V or 24V system. They come in various sizes and capabilities, and their ultra-low power consumption is great for preserving leisure batteries. This makes them a great choice for campervans and caravans.

Absorption fridges are designed to run on 12V, 240V, and LPG gas. While they are not very efficient on a 12V system when parked up, they are extremely efficient on gas, allowing you to stay off-grid for longer periods of time.

What to consider?

Take into account where you want to go, the expected temperature, how long you want to go for, your available power source, and your budget.

A compressor fridge is relatively straightforward to install and can deal with higher temperatures, but for extended periods off-grid, you will need to consider investing in a good DC system, quality leisure batteries, solar panels and DC-DC chargers.

Absorption fridges are silent in operation and, when off-grid or without a mains power source, are most efficient on gas. However, they are generally more expensive than compressor fridges and require external ventilation. Absorption fridges must be installed by a qualified engineer.


Dometic DS601H Medical Mini Vaccine Fridge


Dometic DS601H Medical Mini Vaccine Fridge The Dometic DS601H Medical Mini Vaccine Fridge provides a high quality mini fridge solution for hospitals and health practices to store heat sensitive medicines between 2-8°C. Featuring an acoustic signal...


Dometic RGE4000 Free Standing Gas Fridge

Dometic RGE4000 2 Way Absorption Freestanding Gas Fridge Discontinued With the Dometic RGE4000 2 way Absorption Fridge food and drink is guaranteed to stay cool and fresh anytime and anywhere – even in the absence of an electrical power supply...


Dometic RGE3000 Free Standing Gas Fridge

Dometic RGE3000 2-Way Absorption Fridge Discontinued Stay connected with the Dometic RGE3000 2 Way Absorption Fridge. A generously sized dual energy refrigerator that can consistently keep your food and drink fresh and cool whenever and wherever you...


Dometic RGE2100 Free Standing Gas Fridge

Dometic RGE2100 Free Standing Gas Fridge Discontinued With its unwavering high performance, complete durability and convenient features, the Dometic RGE2100 Free Standing Gas Fridge is an exceptional absorption refrigerator that provides consistent...


Dometic Waeco MPS 50 Mains Adaptor


Dometic Waeco Coolpower MPS 50 Mains Adaptor The Dometic Waeco Coolpower MPS 50 Mains Adaptor provides an easy solution for connecting 12/24 volt cooling appliances to 110-240 volt mains systems. Suitable for all Dometic Waeco cooling appliances that...