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Welcome to our selection of Swimming Pool Heaters! Here you’ll find a wide variety of swimming pool heating solutions to suit a range of pool sizes and energy requirements!

But first things first, which swimming pool heating solution is the right one for you? If you currently use mains gas in your home then it might be the case that a swimming pool Boiler will work best for you, however if you’ve got a small pool or don’t have gas then a standard Electric Heater might make for a better choice.

If you're wanting to use electricity and keep running costs down it's also worth considering a Heat Pump It usually costs more than a standard electric heater but will use less electricity, typically using only one fifth of the power a standard heater uses but providing the same output.  A swimming pool heat pump is still an electric heater!

We also supply Heat Exchangers and Solar Heating.

For more information or advice regarding Swimming Pool Heating then please feel free to give our helpful team a call on 0151 334 0222 (Mon-Fri).