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Imagine a camping accessory that allows you to turn your campervan or motorhome into a luxurious home away from home.

Here we have the Sunncamp Drive Away Awnings range - the ultimate solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking convenience and comfort on the go. These awnings are designed to attach to the side of your vehicle, creating an additional living space with all the amenities you need. Not nly do they create more space to enjoy your holiday but they come with a detachable panel that allows you to drive away while leaving the awning in place, giving you the freedom to explore and travel at your own pace.

Made from lightweight and waterproof materials, these awnings can withstand the elements and provide shelter on even the most unpredictable weather days. Whether you're planning a short break, weekend trip, or extended holiday, Sunncamp Drive Away Awnings are the perfect addition to your camping gear. Upgrade your adventure today and experience the ultimate in luxury and flexibility.


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